I wouldn’t even be mad


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11 months of Stella.

2 months old to 13 months old. 

Ok as I was scrolling down I was literally so scared that this might be one of those posts where the dog would get older and older and eventually the last photo would be just the house not the dog. My heart wouldn’t be able to take that.

I refuse to think of a world in which Stella and Amelia are not alive. 

Dogs live forever shhhhhHH



Today feels like the end of an era. I have to say adieu to my best friend Melodie, because tomorrow she starts her journey to Montreal to further her already-magnificent artistic talent. We’ve had so many terrific memories together and though I’ll be so sad that she won’t be minutes from my house anymore, I can’t wait to see what wonders await her now. Mel, you are beautiful, talented, intelligent, and HILARIOUS. I know that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without your friendship. Déjà tu me manques. Bon voyage mon amie.

The Chain

The Chain – Ingrid Michaelson
And if you come around again
Then I will take the chain from off the door


Animals Waving Hello to You [boredpanda]

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